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28" Adjustable LED Plant Light

28" Adjustable LED Plant Light

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A minimal, adjustable and energy-efficient LED light ideal for a wide variety of houseplants. This innovative light is designed to cater to the unique lighting needs of your plants, ensuring they receive the optimal amount of illumination for healthy growth and vibrant foliage.

Comes with a programmable timer, offering three different settings: 8 hours on & 16 hours off, 12 hours on & 12 hours off, and 16 hours on & 8 hours off. These options allow you to easily customize your plants' light exposure to mimic their natural environment, supporting their growth cycle and overall well-being.

Featuring 5 levels of dimmable lighting, the Adjustable LED Plant Light can be tailored to suit the requirements of various plant species, from low-light loving plants to those that require bright, direct light. This flexibility ensures your plants receive the precise amount of light needed to thrive.

The light can also be extended from 8 inches to 28 inches, making it suitable for plants of different sizes and stages of growth. This versatility allows you to provide consistent, targeted lighting as your plants mature, encouraging strong and healthy development.

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